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Logo Tutorial #10: Forget Design

Logo Tutorial #10: Forget about the design
When it comes to logo design, the design itself isn't vital. "What?" you ask! "After writing nine posts in this series on logo design, you're going to end it by saying the design isn't important!?" Growing up, there was this local carpet store that ran a series of television spots featuring a guy named Lou. I assume he was the owner. Every spot featured the phrase "Hey Lou, what's new?" He would then launch into something ridiculous. I remember a spoof on Billy Crystal and his "You look mahvelous" Read More

Logo Tutorial #9: Client Headaches

Logo Tutorial #9: How to avoid client headaches
As this logo design series winds down, we now make the jump from discussing the design process to discussing communication and collaboration with your client. I say collaboration because they will play a large part in the process. This is more than a one-time ad or flyer—this is their identity. You will notice them being more hands-on than normal. And understanding how to work with your client will be the key factor in making your experience positive (for both parties) and not a lingering headache. Read More

Logo Tutorial #8: One-Hit Blunder

Logo Tutorial #8: Don't go with your first idea
People think alike. That's the whole premise behind the Family Feud game show. They survey one-hundred people and typically fifty percent of those surveyed will respond with one of the top two answers. Those answers are easily guessed. The answers that fewer people give are much more difficult to figure out. My pastor has said that the key to creativity is not going with your first idea. And that concept stuck with me. In his case, he follows this rule when coming up with sermon illustrations. Read More

Logo Tutorial #7: Never Clever

Logo Tutorial #7: Don't get too clever with the concept
You get an idea stuck in your head. It's an interesting idea. It's a clever twist on a concept, but can you make it work visually? You play around with it and it starts to come together (or so you think). You really want it to come together and you tell yourself that it looks better than it really does—or that its visual shortcomings are compensated for by the cleverness of the concept. We get these brain children that we foster and come to love. We look past their faults and don't want Read More

Logo Tutorial #6: Single Concept

Logo Tutorial #6: Limit your logo to a single concept
We love to overthink our logos. They're very important, and they do deserve a lot of thought. But we like results. We feel like the amount of thought and time we put into something needs to be apparent when looking at the final product. It's a trap! Overthinking in itself is not bad. The problem is when it leads to trying too hard. Don't be deceived. Creative simplicity is difficult. It takes work to come up with something straightforward and clean that's unique, identifiable, and able to stand Read More

Logo Tutorial #5: Black & White

Logo Tutorial #5: Design logos in black and white first
Blueprints have been used by architects, engineers, and many areas of industry since the 19th century. They provide information detailing how a structure or object needs to be assembled. As we usually think of blueprints in terms of houses, let's use that as an analogy as I ask a question. As the architect begins a new home design, does he immediately start picking out carpet and curtain colors? Does he jump right to the shutter style? Does he research what types of ceiling fans are available? Of Read More

Pallet Desk Inspires Other Pallet Furniture

Pallet furniture projects inspired by my pallet desk
A few years ago I made a desk for my wife using only pallets. You can read the specifics here. She's a collage artist and I wanted something unique that would fit her style. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and it's been fun to watch photos of the table spread across social media. But as pervasive as social media is, there's something special about seeing your work in print. Kolaj Magazine just released their ninth issue in which they feature my wife and Read More

How to Make a Bad Photo Look Good

Photoshop tips for making a bad photo look good
Between my wife and me, we have a number of small businesses and ventures. And as a graphic designer and web developer, I'm able to promote these ventures effectively while spending little money. It's very convenient. But when it comes to photography, the results are always lacking. We've both had training in photography, but we simply don't have the equipment. What I do have is decades of Photoshop experience. Don't be fooled! There is no replacement for good photography. No amount of Photoshop Read More

Logo Tutorial #4: Be Fontastic!

Fonts are the most important design elements in a logo
Some of the liberties we're allowed in logo design stem from the fact that we're including the company name along with the imagery. The big boys like Nike and Apple can get away with just an icon. Your local heating and cooling business can't. Neither can most of the businesses you'll be working with. And this brings us right to the main point. The text portion of your logo is just as important as the image. Even more, the text is part of the image. The two are inseparable. If you spend days developing Read More

Logo Tutorial #3: Don’t Be Literal

Logo Tutorial #3: Don't be literal when designing logos
What is a logo? In the corporate world it's an image or a mark that represents a company, division, program or product. To keep this tutorial simple, let's focus on the company logo. This logo will be many people's first introduction to your company. We all know first impressions are important. And the weight of that makes people want to explain clearly what their company does—via their logo. That desire makes sense. However, the pursuit of that goal will usually cause you to pass over the Read More