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Wedding Designs

Custom wedding invitations and wedding programs
As my five-year wedding anniversary is quickly approaching, I decided use this week's post to feature our wedding invitation and program. I was a bit more hands-on with the wedding preparations than most guys are. Part of that is simply because I care about aesthetics. And part of it is because we had a four-month engagement. Friends had big expectations for our wedding as Kate and I are both artists. But we kept it pretty simple and traditional, adding our own artistic touches here and there. Our Read More

Original Wedding Vow Idea

Vows transferred onto wood blocks for wedding vows
My favorite wedding role was that of a clamper. Let me explain. Last September two very good friends of mine got married. With my wife being a fine artist and me a designer, we're often known as a creative couple. And so are these newlyweds. He's a designer, she's a photographer—and all-around maker of cool things. They have a recognizable style all their own. So there was an air of anticipation when it came to their wedding. I was asked to help prepare one of the elements of their wedding: Read More

Unique Wedding Guest Book Idea

Creative wedding guestbook idea
This past January two of my good friends got married. They rented a gorgeous facility, planned a fun day for everyone, and braved the cold when it came time for taking photos. Kate and I were both honored to be in the wedding party. One month after their engagement we enjoyed a beautiful fall evening with them, sitting in a circle on the patio as we discussed their upcoming wedding. And they had a request. They wanted us to come up with a creative idea for their guest sign in. And not just creative—they Read More

Creative Wedding Ceremony Idea

Creative Wedding Ceremony Idea
I like weddings. They are very unique situations. A wedding is a special day featuring an important event, and with that in mind the couple spends months planning how their day will play out. Perhaps this is a couple you wouldn't normally consider "creative." Well, on this day you are going to see their creativity regardless. It may be lavish or it may be simple, but that doesn't matter—they're going to be injecting their likes, their personalities, and their passions into this one day. Sometimes Read More