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Art Rhymes with Heart

Art rhymes with heart: a five-year anniversary tale
Last week my wife and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Below I tell our story in relation to her pursuit of and love for art. Part 1: The Meeting Seven years ago this punk girl entered my life. I'd seen her around church and learned she was in art school. When eventually we bumped into each other, we started chatting. We talked art—specifically, we talked Frida Kahlo. Talking to her was easy. That's not my norm. Soon I got a call. She wanted to do some plein air painting Read More

One in Christ

Collaborative artwork based on Lebanon, PA architecture
My wife and I like to talk about collaborating on artwork. Occasionally we actually start a project. But it's rare that we actually complete a collaboration. So it was with dubious spirits that we agreed to work on a collaborative piece for a juried exhibit at the Lebanon Picture Frame & Fine Art Gallery in Lebanon, PA. Kate already had a working relationship with the gallery and learned they were having an exhibit with a theme of architecture within the Lebanon city limits. One Sunday Read More

Creative Wedding Ceremony Idea

Creative Wedding Ceremony Idea
I like weddings. They are very unique situations. A wedding is a special day featuring an important event, and with that in mind the couple spends months planning how their day will play out. Perhaps this is a couple you wouldn't normally consider "creative." Well, on this day you are going to see their creativity regardless. It may be lavish or it may be simple, but that doesn't matter—they're going to be injecting their likes, their personalities, and their passions into this one day. Sometimes Read More

Spring Flowers

Twelve-part flower collage series by Katherine Horst
The timing of this post could not be better. It's the first day of spring! After one of Pennsylvania's snowiest and coldest winters on record, even the manliest of men is ready to see some flowers. So I present for your enjoyment—flowers! These 12" x 12" collages on canvas were created by Katherine Horst, my wife. They are part of a 12-piece series titled "As Time Passes" and are currently on display in Langhorne, PA. Click any of the images to learn more about them on her website. Read More