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When More Is Said, Less Is Heard

The more you say, the less you're heard
Trends come and go, but the words "simple" and "clean" continue to be uttered by designers. These concepts surpass trends and that's because design, unlike fine art, is all about communication. If the message is unclear, the most beautiful of designs is a failure. And that's where people get into trouble. They're very aware of the need to communicate. And there's a lot they want to say. But with each line that gets added to copy, with each element that is placed onto a logo, and with each burst Read More

Logo Tutorial #8: One-Hit Blunder

Logo Tutorial #8: Don't go with your first idea
People think alike. That's the whole premise behind the Family Feud game show. They survey one-hundred people and typically fifty percent of those surveyed will respond with one of the top two answers. Those answers are easily guessed. The answers that fewer people give are much more difficult to figure out. My pastor has said that the key to creativity is not going with your first idea. And that concept stuck with me. In his case, he follows this rule when coming up with sermon illustrations. Read More

Logo Tutorial #6: Single Concept

Logo Tutorial #6: Limit your logo to a single concept
We love to overthink our logos. They're very important, and they do deserve a lot of thought. But we like results. We feel like the amount of thought and time we put into something needs to be apparent when looking at the final product. It's a trap! Overthinking in itself is not bad. The problem is when it leads to trying too hard. Don't be deceived. Creative simplicity is difficult. It takes work to come up with something straightforward and clean that's unique, identifiable, and able to stand Read More