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Monthly Baby Photos

Last June I wrote a short tutorial on how to make a bad photo look good. The subject matter was a photo I took of my one-month-old baby girl. Since then I'm still using the same cheap camera and still need to do a fair amount of Photoshop work to get a result I'm happy with. Also, my wife and I continued to take a photo of our daughter for each month of her first year. The process included some consistent elements across all months: A baby A mattress with a chevron-patterned sheet A Read More

How to Make a Bad Photo Look Good

Photoshop tips for making a bad photo look good
Between my wife and me, we have a number of small businesses and ventures. And as a graphic designer and web developer, I'm able to promote these ventures effectively while spending little money. It's very convenient. But when it comes to photography, the results are always lacking. We've both had training in photography, but we simply don't have the equipment. What I do have is decades of Photoshop experience. Don't be fooled! There is no replacement for good photography. No amount of Photoshop Read More