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Design is a Joke

Design is a joke
One one stage you have the comedian who has great jokes but poor delivery. He gets few laughs. On another stage you have one with great style and delivery, but poor jokes. He gets many laughs. I do a lot of performing as a juggler. In my experience and via the stories of those more skilled in juggling, audiences simply want to be entertained. The difficulty of your patterns and the number of objects you juggle are relatively unimportant. The performer getting laughs using basic three-ball patterns Read More

Communicating with Cheese

Tips for effective communication with your clients
For six years I worked at an ad agency. There is so much I miss about those days: the creative collaboration, the fun environment, the health insurance…. Today I'm self employed and run my own design studio. Another big change from my agency days is that I don't have any sales folks acting as middle men between me and the clients. I deal with everybody directly, including the big cheese. The sales people at the agency would regale us with stories of their meetings and calls with clients. Read More

Nobody Remembers 1,000 Words

What can designers learn from verbal communication?
Verbal language and visual design. They have much in common within the umbrella of communication, for they both can be executed in very stylized ways. They can be forthright. They can say things without saying things. They can tug on emotions. A pun can be word based or image based. If I'm frustrated, I can let you know that with very abstract speech. Let's call it an emphatic, prolonged grunt/sigh. A series of high-contrast, rushed brush strokes colliding into one another may suggest the same feeling. Read More