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Logo Battle 50

Super Bowl 50
This is my second time officiating a logo battle for the big game. In 2015 we had a pretty clear victor when the logo of the Seattle Seahawks took on the logo of the New England Patriots. This year it was the Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers. The logos for both teams are rather solid and very modern. Take a look at the two logos below and decide which one you think is best before continuing with your read. Carolina Panthers Logo With a relatively brief history, the Carolina Read More

2015 NBA Finals Logo Battle

The logos of the 2015 NBA Finals battle it out
It's time for another battle of the sports logos. We've already looked at football and hockey. And now that we're in the midst of the NBA Finals, it's time for basketball. The 2015 finalists are the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and their logos could hardly be more different in style. Golden State Warriors Logo We'll start by looking at the logo of the Golden State Warriors. And what we have is a bit of a throwback logo. Their original 1962 logo features an indian Read More

2015 Stanley Cup Logo Battle

The logos of the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals battle it out
This is a post about logo design, with emphasis on the word design. It's fine to have conversations about cultural appropriateness and sensitivity, but that's not the goal of this post. Today I've arranged another logo battle, similar to the one back in February. This one pits the logos of the two remaining contenders for the 2015 Stanley Cup against one another. We're looking at the logos for the Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning. (And as this site caters to artsy fartsy folks, I Read More

Logo Battle XLIX

The logos of Super Bowl XLIX battle it out
Earlier this week Super Bowl XLIX was contested, and what a contest it was! Even for someone like me who isn't a huge football nut, that was an exciting few hours. But as exciting as it was, I started looking at the game from a design point of view. I've watched the Seahawks play a few games this season and every time I'm struck by their dark outfits with the pops of brilliant green. They just look tough. When they played Green Bay, who wore cheerful yellows, bright whites and green stripes, I Read More

Laws Concerning Stretched Logos

Laws concerning stretching logos disproportionately
Regarding the marks of man, I have heard your cries. You say, "The space allotted for the mark is tall like the heavens. It springs up like a tree and my hand cannot move the heights. Yet the mark is as the hair on the lip: wide and glorious." Your complaints I have heard and I regard them not. For who are you to change the hair on the lip? Is it not the identity of the man? You shave the ends of the hair and the man is no more. Will you allow your heights to bring low the man? Alas, this should Read More

Juggling Logos

Juggling logos created for juggling clubs and festivals
As a juggler and a designer, it's only natural that those two passions merge from time to time. And while I enjoy creating juggling-based designs for my own purposes (I'm launching new items soon with Joculare), over the past few years I've been given opportunities to create logos for various juggling clubs and juggling festivals. I'm featuring those designs below. If you're a juggler who found this page and are in need of a logo for your group or event, please feel free to contact me. Lancaster Read More

Logo Tutorial #10: Forget Design

Logo Tutorial #10: Forget about the design
When it comes to logo design, the design itself isn't vital. "What?" you ask! "After writing nine posts in this series on logo design, you're going to end it by saying the design isn't important!?" Growing up, there was this local carpet store that ran a series of television spots featuring a guy named Lou. I assume he was the owner. Every spot featured the phrase "Hey Lou, what's new?" He would then launch into something ridiculous. I remember a spoof on Billy Crystal and his "You look mahvelous" Read More

Logo Tutorial #9: Client Headaches

Logo Tutorial #9: How to avoid client headaches
As this logo design series winds down, we now make the jump from discussing the design process to discussing communication and collaboration with your client. I say collaboration because they will play a large part in the process. This is more than a one-time ad or flyer—this is their identity. You will notice them being more hands-on than normal. And understanding how to work with your client will be the key factor in making your experience positive (for both parties) and not a lingering headache. Read More

Logo Tutorial #8: One-Hit Blunder

Logo Tutorial #8: Don't go with your first idea
People think alike. That's the whole premise behind the Family Feud game show. They survey one-hundred people and typically fifty percent of those surveyed will respond with one of the top two answers. Those answers are easily guessed. The answers that fewer people give are much more difficult to figure out. My pastor has said that the key to creativity is not going with your first idea. And that concept stuck with me. In his case, he follows this rule when coming up with sermon illustrations. Read More

Logo Tutorial #7: Never Clever

Logo Tutorial #7: Don't get too clever with the concept
You get an idea stuck in your head. It's an interesting idea. It's a clever twist on a concept, but can you make it work visually? You play around with it and it starts to come together (or so you think). You really want it to come together and you tell yourself that it looks better than it really does—or that its visual shortcomings are compensated for by the cleverness of the concept. We get these brain children that we foster and come to love. We look past their faults and don't want Read More