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Artwork as Cairns

Evangelistic artwork and the concept of cairns
Art speaks only to an excessively small group of people —Cézanne When I first read this quote, I assumed it meant that a piece of artwork is seen by relatively few people. Since Cézanne's time there have been massive advancements in the ability to share a piece of artwork (or anything) across the world, to the point it can be practically instantaneous. But after some additional thought, I believe the focus of the quote is on how many people a work speaks to—not how many Read More

Ashes to Gold

"Ashes to Gold," artwork created for Scarlet Steps 2014
I recently wrote about a piece of artwork I was creating for a group exhibit. That exhibit, Scarlet Steps, has now come and gone. And once again it was great to see the creative solutions artists developed as they worked within this year's theme. The theme is always based around the gospel. This year Jay O'Maille, a talented gentleman from my church who is a writer/poet/songwriter/rapper, wrote a song called Villain that presented the gospel message in a unique way. Our job as artists was to align Read More