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Pallet Desk Inspires Other Pallet Furniture

Pallet furniture projects inspired by my pallet desk
A few years ago I made a desk for my wife using only pallets. You can read the specifics here. She's a collage artist and I wanted something unique that would fit her style. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and it's been fun to watch photos of the table spread across social media. But as pervasive as social media is, there's something special about seeing your work in print. Kolaj Magazine just released their ninth issue in which they feature my wife and Read More

Table Made From a Door

Old door turned into a kitchen table
While still engaged, my future wife (Kate) decided we should make a table using a door as the table top. We've since collaborated on a number of projects, but this was the one that started it all and it was an adventure—a learning experience for sure. She's an off-the-cuff creative person. I'm a sit-down-and-plan-carefully creative person. I'll give you the moral of this post right at the start: compromise! But more on that later. This post is going to focus on the table top itself. While I'm Read More

Table Made From Pallets

Table made from pallets
Half a year ago my wife and I celebrated our second anniversary by driving from Pennsylvania to Utah and back. We had plenty of time to talk, dream and plan. And our biggest plan was to totally rework her art studio space. The main piece would be a large table. She is a collage artist and works mainly on flat surfaces rather than easels. But beyond that, she wanted a collaboration space where other artists could work with her side by side. Money was definitely an issue, so I went the pallet wood Read More