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Christmas Gifts as Nested Riddles

Riddle Boxes
The past few Christmases I've working with a wrapping concept that had been in my head for quite a while. This year I came up with my Christmas gift wrapping idea less than a month before Christmas. My goal was to make the actual wrapping process simple as this has been a difficult year and I wanted to go easy on myself. I failed. The Concept My idea was to create five layers of nested gifts. My nieces and nephews would each be given a gift to start out, but would immediately be told that Read More

Christmas Gifts Wrapped in Ice

Christmas Gifts Wrapped in Ice
Last year I had the idea of wrapping gifts in ice and decided this was the year to try it out. The concept is simple enough. I just wasn't sure how straightforward the execution would be. The Kinks I tried to work out as many kinks as possible during the planning stage. And one thing I knew I wanted was clear ice. My research revealed there are many factors that come into play in creating clear ice. There are tons of articles out there about how to go about this, so I won't go into detail here. Read More

Stained Glass Window Gift Wrapping

This is my tenth anniversary of using creative themes for wrapping family gifts. It started out as something I did for everyone in the family—but as the family grew, I limited these creations to just my nephews and nieces. As this was a special year, I decided to do something a bit more involved. It's a concept I've wanted to do for the past few years but didn't have the time. This year God has blessed us with a second child who will be arriving very soon, so we finished up our Christmas Read More

Star Wars Gift Wrapping

It's been a busy Christmas season as usual. And this year there were a couple traditions we just didn't make time for in the Horst household. But the one tradition I was sure to make time for was fun Christmas gift wrapping for my nieces and nephews. This year I decided to embrace pop culture, embrace current trends, and embrace my own childhood. That's right—we're talking about Star Wars. As a child this was one of my loves. My older brother collected all the good guy characters and spacecrafts, Read More

Juggler Kara

Joculare poster design of juggler Kara
About Kara Kara of Germany (real name Michael Steiner) began juggling as a child. Early on he adopted the props of what would become known as the gentleman juggler. He juggled top hats, canes, and cigars at first, then moved on to everyday objects such as napkins, coins, umbrellas, eggs, candles, and more. About the Design Kara is the second oldest juggler in my Innovative Jugglers series, so I wanted to give this poster an older feel. The colors are darker and muted, and I added a series Read More

Juggler Jenny Jaeger

Joculare poster design of juggler Jenny Jaeger
About Jenny Jaeger Jenny Jaeger was born into a circus family in Russia, and she wasted little time in honing her craft, performing up to ten balls by the age of fifteen. But beyond standard toss juggling she was well known for her feats of balance, sitting on a stool while using toes, head, and hands to balance various items. About the Design This design focuses on Jaeger's balancing. The letters of her last name take the place of the objects she would typically balance. Those objects Read More

Juggler Sergei Ignatov

Joculare poster design of juggler Sergei Ignatov
About Sergei Ignatov Sergei Ignatov is a childhood hero of mine. When I was a teenager, he was still in his prime. This Russian juggler was known as "The Poet of Juggling," and was solid with numbers, performing 11 rings regularly. About the Design Let's start with the obvious. This poster prominently features Sergei Ignatov's homeland of Russia. In the background is Saint Basil's Cathedral which is in Red Square in Moscow. There are other Russians in this series, but most left the country Read More

Juggler Rudy Horn

Joculare poster design of juggler Rudy Horn
About Rudy Horn Rudy Horn is a German juggler whose most famous segment involves him kicking up a series of teacups and saucers to his head, stacking them as he goes. As a final step he kicks a teaspoon into the top cup. And this all happens while riding a unicycle. But in my mind, an equally impressive talent was his ability to kick a teaspoon into a balance on his forehead. About the Design I created a first version of this poster very quickly. It was simple and clean. But my solution Read More

Juggler Anthony Gatto

Joculare poster design of juggler Anthony Gatto
About Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto (born Anthony Commarota in 1973) was a juggling prodigy who learned to juggle at age five. In a few short years he was making appearances on television. With stepfather Nick Gatto, a long-time vaudeville performer, as his coach, Anthony started performing at age ten. Gatto's name dominates the juggling record books. He owns the records for 7-12 rings, 6-8 clubs, and 7-9 balls. He won the Golden Clown award at the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo in Read More

Hoop Roller William Everhart

Joculare poster design of hoop roller William Everhart
About William Everhart A hoopnologist of hoopnotic hoopnotism—that was the description given to William Everhart of Ohio, often credited with originating hoop rolling. The turn of the century saw him take hoops to artistic and technical heights never before seen. Learning to juggle as a blacksmith and experimenting with wheels at a buggy factory, he soon performed with traveling shows, focusing more and more on his hoops. Dubbed "The Great Everhart," it wasn't long before he was headlining, Read More