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One in Christ

Collaborative artwork based on Lebanon, PA architecture
My wife and I like to talk about collaborating on artwork. Occasionally we actually start a project. But it's rare that we actually complete a collaboration. So it was with dubious spirits that we agreed to work on a collaborative piece for a juried exhibit at the Lebanon Picture Frame & Fine Art Gallery in Lebanon, PA. Kate already had a working relationship with the gallery and learned they were having an exhibit with a theme of architecture within the Lebanon city limits. One Sunday Read More

Hand-Carved Toy Blocks

Hand-carved wooden toy blocks for children
Soon after discovering my wife was pregnant, I developed plans for carving animal figurines out of wood and assembling them into a mobile for above baby girl's crib. It was a beautiful picture in my head, but that's as far as that project went. Life happened and it's one of those plans I just never got around to. But I still had the desire to make something with my hands for my daughter. And what better time to do so than Christmas? Moving on from the mobile concept I decided to make toy blocks Read More

Lovely as a Tree

Last week I had the rare opportunity to sit still in nature for an entire day. It's called hunting, and it's something I rarely make time for these days. I try to go at least once a year, and it's usually during the week after Thanksgiving. That means there's the potential for it to be very cold, but this year the temperature was quite moderate—not the idea condition for hunting, but beautiful for sitting out in the woods. As I sat in my tree stand, I had a sudden urge to climb down and Read More

Scrap Wood Letter

How to create a large letter using scrap wood
With Christmas quickly approaching, I've started my annual tradition of gift making. Making gifts can be a challenge. I don't want to simply give that family member or friend a craft—I want it to be meaningful to them. I want it to touch an aspect of their life. While I'm not ready to reveal what I'm working on at the moment, I thought I'd share a creation from last Christmas. If you've spent any time on Pinterest, you know that recycled material creations are all the rage these days. And Read More

Original Wedding Vow Idea

Vows transferred onto wood blocks for wedding vows
My favorite wedding role was that of a clamper. Let me explain. Last September two very good friends of mine got married. With my wife being a fine artist and me a designer, we're often known as a creative couple. And so are these newlyweds. He's a designer, she's a photographer—and all-around maker of cool things. They have a recognizable style all their own. So there was an air of anticipation when it came to their wedding. I was asked to help prepare one of the elements of their wedding: Read More

Unique Wedding Guest Book Idea

Creative wedding guestbook idea
This past January two of my good friends got married. They rented a gorgeous facility, planned a fun day for everyone, and braved the cold when it came time for taking photos. Kate and I were both honored to be in the wedding party. One month after their engagement we enjoyed a beautiful fall evening with them, sitting in a circle on the patio as we discussed their upcoming wedding. And they had a request. They wanted us to come up with a creative idea for their guest sign in. And not just creative—they Read More

Ashes to Gold

"Ashes to Gold," artwork created for Scarlet Steps 2014
I recently wrote about a piece of artwork I was creating for a group exhibit. That exhibit, Scarlet Steps, has now come and gone. And once again it was great to see the creative solutions artists developed as they worked within this year's theme. The theme is always based around the gospel. This year Jay O'Maille, a talented gentleman from my church who is a writer/poet/songwriter/rapper, wrote a song called Villain that presented the gospel message in a unique way. Our job as artists was to align Read More

Blank Canvas

The newborn child as a blank canvas
Ah, the anticipation of a blank canvas. With my love of wood-based art, my blank canvas is usually a chunk of wood or a collection of wood scraps. And that's the case for a piece due for a group exhibit in just one week. I have a concept and I have a wood block. What I don't have is time. That's not uncommon. The realities of life often have a direct effect on the artwork I'm able to develop. My concept will need to be simplified. But simple is better, right? That's one saying that is usually true Read More

Sheaf Christmas Tree

How to create a Christmas tree shaped like a sheaf of grain
I had an elaborate plan for this year's Christmas tree, but when I explained it to my wife she wisely talked me out of it. We ended up with a much simpler strategy. And as is often the case, simple turned out to be beautiful. The goal was to imitate a sheaf of wheat. But instead of wheat, we used wood. And so the first step was to hit the woods and gather branches. They need to be fairly straight, of various thicknesses. A slight curve is fine (and will come in handy), but you don't want sharp Read More

Root of Jesse

"Root of Jesse" artwork inspired by Romans 15:12
In Romans 15:12 the apostle Paul quotes the prophet Isaiah saying, "There shall come the root of Jesse, and He who arises to rule over the Gentiles, in Him shall the Gentiles hope." Jesse was the father of King David. And from David's line, Christ would come. This was the inspiration for the sculpture I titled, "Root of Jesse." This, and Acts 10:43. The Acts passage gave the original direction for the piece, which was built for a Good Friday art show hosted by NewSong Fellowship Church in Lancaster, Read More