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Hanging Small Art on Track Systems

How to hang small artwork on a track system
Over the years I've assisted my wife in hanging her artwork in quite a few spaces—everywhere from galleries to coffeeshops to offices. Last week we tackled hanging artwork in the hallway of a retirement community, and the hallway made use of the ubiquitous track system. The track system is very convenient, especially for spaces that rotate featured artists on a regular basis. It requires little upkeep between shows and no nails disfigure the walls. For that reason they are very popular. Read More

Exploring Louisville’s Art Scene

Exploring Louisville's downtown art scene, NuLu & beyond
There were many exciting art events happening in our corner of Pennsylvania this past weekend. Makoto Fujimura (artist, writer, founder of the International Arts Movement) made an appearance in Lancaster to speak on the thesis for his new book, while his artwork appeared in the Square Halo gallery. Kate and I have been following Fujimura for years and recently traveled to Carin University to see his join exhibit with Bruce Herman, QU4RTETS, and to listen to them speak on the project. Michael Card Read More