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Logo Battle 50

Super Bowl 50
This is my second time officiating a logo battle for the big game. In 2015 we had a pretty clear victor when the logo of the Seattle Seahawks took on the logo of the New England Patriots. This year it was the Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers. The logos for both teams are rather solid and very modern. Take a look at the two logos below and decide which one you think is best before continuing with your read. Carolina Panthers Logo With a relatively brief history, the Carolina Read More

2015 NBA Finals Logo Battle

The logos of the 2015 NBA Finals battle it out
It's time for another battle of the sports logos. We've already looked at football and hockey. And now that we're in the midst of the NBA Finals, it's time for basketball. The 2015 finalists are the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and their logos could hardly be more different in style. Golden State Warriors Logo We'll start by looking at the logo of the Golden State Warriors. And what we have is a bit of a throwback logo. Their original 1962 logo features an indian Read More

2015 Stanley Cup Logo Battle

The logos of the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals battle it out
This is a post about logo design, with emphasis on the word design. It's fine to have conversations about cultural appropriateness and sensitivity, but that's not the goal of this post. Today I've arranged another logo battle, similar to the one back in February. This one pits the logos of the two remaining contenders for the 2015 Stanley Cup against one another. We're looking at the logos for the Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning. (And as this site caters to artsy fartsy folks, I Read More

When More Is Said, Less Is Heard

The more you say, the less you're heard
Trends come and go, but the words "simple" and "clean" continue to be uttered by designers. These concepts surpass trends and that's because design, unlike fine art, is all about communication. If the message is unclear, the most beautiful of designs is a failure. And that's where people get into trouble. They're very aware of the need to communicate. And there's a lot they want to say. But with each line that gets added to copy, with each element that is placed onto a logo, and with each burst Read More

Netflix Art and Design Documentaries

Art and design documentaries available on Netflix
Just Like Being There The gig poster is an intriguing subgenre in the world of design, in that the subject matter of the design or illustration often has little correlation with the event or performer the poster is advertising. And as one of my biggest clients is a company who sells classic gig posters, I was looking forward to learning about the history and development. But this documentary had very little of that. There is no storyline. And apart from a brief segment where designers shared their Read More

Color Palettes of Longwood Gardens

Inspiration for color palettes found at Longwood Gardens
On Wednesday my family took our first visit to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. We visited in the dead of winter and had a fabulous time. I can only imagine how grandiose the place is during months of the year that don't include polar vortices. I hear the Christmas season is especially beautiful. Let me also say that every single employee was very nice and warm in their interactions. I was expecting somewhat of a stuffy, "don't touch anything" aura, but that was far from the truth. Let's Read More

How to Write AM and PM

The best way to write AM and PM in times
This article is not about the correct way to write AM and PM. I did a quick internet search and found all kinds of answers. There are some style guides that are very specific in their answers, but those specific guidelines change from one guide to another. The general consensus I'm seeing is that it's up to taste. With that in mind, this article is about which way is most pleasing to the eye and easiest to read. Let's get to it. Periods We'll start with the issues of periods. AM and PM Read More

Logo Battle XLIX

The logos of Super Bowl XLIX battle it out
Earlier this week Super Bowl XLIX was contested, and what a contest it was! Even for someone like me who isn't a huge football nut, that was an exciting few hours. But as exciting as it was, I started looking at the game from a design point of view. I've watched the Seahawks play a few games this season and every time I'm struck by their dark outfits with the pops of brilliant green. They just look tough. When they played Green Bay, who wore cheerful yellows, bright whites and green stripes, I Read More

Starting a Design Business

Tips for Starting a Graphic Design Business
The UPS guy was just here. I now hold in my hands new business cards for Piksl Design. Now in business for over ten years, this is the third iteration of Piksl's cards. When the business celebrated its tenth anniversary, I developed a new Piksl Design logo. And while I integrated the logo into all my online and social media outlets, I held off on printing new letterhead and business cards because honestly, how often do I use letterhead? And in this digital age, do I really need business cards? But Read More

Drop (the) Shadows

When to use drop shadows
Drop shadows. They're a very common element in the world of graphic design. And they're very easy to implement, from the high-level design packages to software for beginners. As a result they get used a lot. The reasoning goes something like this: "I need to typeset a headline. There we go. I sure did pick a nice font. But it's not special enough. It's not eye catching. What can I do to give it some oomph? I know, I'll add a drop shadow! There we go. Now my headline pops and my layout looks designed." Look, Read More