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Logo Tutorial #4: Be Fontastic!

Fonts are the most important design elements in a logo
Some of the liberties we're allowed in logo design stem from the fact that we're including the company name along with the imagery. The big boys like Nike and Apple can get away with just an icon. Your local heating and cooling business can't. Neither can most of the businesses you'll be working with. And this brings us right to the main point. The text portion of your logo is just as important as the image. Even more, the text is part of the image. The two are inseparable. If you spend days developing Read More

Double Spacing After a Period

Should I double space after a period?
Let's keep this brief. No. Never put a double space after a period. Well, almost never. Let's back up. If you were born before the Reagan administration, you may have learned typing on a typewriter (i.e., not a computer). You were taught to put two spaces after a period. And that was correct. A typewriter has only one font, and that font is a monospaced font. That means each character takes up the same horizontal width. So if you typed a series of lines, the characters would line up both horizontally Read More