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Logo Battle 50

Super Bowl 50
This is my second time officiating a logo battle for the big game. In 2015 we had a pretty clear victor when the logo of the Seattle Seahawks took on the logo of the New England Patriots. This year it was the Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers. The logos for both teams are rather solid and very modern. Take a look at the two logos below and decide which one you think is best before continuing with your read. Carolina Panthers Logo With a relatively brief history, the Carolina Read More

Logo Battle XLIX

The logos of Super Bowl XLIX battle it out
Earlier this week Super Bowl XLIX was contested, and what a contest it was! Even for someone like me who isn't a huge football nut, that was an exciting few hours. But as exciting as it was, I started looking at the game from a design point of view. I've watched the Seahawks play a few games this season and every time I'm struck by their dark outfits with the pops of brilliant green. They just look tough. When they played Green Bay, who wore cheerful yellows, bright whites and green stripes, I Read More