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Monthly Baby Photos

Last June I wrote a short tutorial on how to make a bad photo look good. The subject matter was a photo I took of my one-month-old baby girl. Since then I'm still using the same cheap camera and still need to do a fair amount of Photoshop work to get a result I'm happy with. Also, my wife and I continued to take a photo of our daughter for each month of her first year. The process included some consistent elements across all months: A baby A mattress with a chevron-patterned sheet A Read More

Circus-Themed Baby Room Ideas

Ideas for circus-themed baby room decor
I've written quite a few posts on the topic of collaboration, and a few day ago my wife and I unveiled our greatest collaboration—we call her Shiloh. God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl that we are simply loving up. Shiloh means "God's gift" and "peace." The first meaning has been plainly evident over the past nine months. The peace part may take months—or years—to reveal itself. Over these nine months, we've enjoyed the process of preparing a baby room. The focal point Read More