Last June I wrote a short tutorial on how to make a bad photo look good. The subject matter was a photo I took of my one-month-old baby girl. Since then I’m still using the same cheap camera and still need to do a fair amount of Photoshop work to get a result I’m happy with.

Also, my wife and I continued to take a photo of our daughter for each month of her first year. The process included some consistent elements across all months:

  • A baby
  • A mattress with a chevron-patterned sheet
  • A sock monkey for the baby to hold
  • Current height and weight

As part of the photo editing process, each month I used Photoshop to edit the color of the background sheet. Some months turned out great, a couple turned out a bit rough (usually due to poor lighting), but overall we ended up with a fun visual overview of our child’s first year.

Month one and two

Month three and four

Month five and six

Month seven and eight

Month nine and ten

Month eleven and twelve

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  1. this made my day. please continue !

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