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One in Christ

Collaborative artwork based on Lebanon, PA architecture
My wife and I like to talk about collaborating on artwork. Occasionally we actually start a project. But it's rare that we actually complete a collaboration. So it was with dubious spirits that we agreed to work on a collaborative piece for a juried exhibit at the Lebanon Picture Frame & Fine Art Gallery in Lebanon, PA. Kate already had a working relationship with the gallery and learned they were having an exhibit with a theme of architecture within the Lebanon city limits. One Sunday Read More

Circus-Themed Baby Room Ideas

Ideas for circus-themed baby room decor
I've written quite a few posts on the topic of collaboration, and a few day ago my wife and I unveiled our greatest collaboration—we call her Shiloh. God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl that we are simply loving up. Shiloh means "God's gift" and "peace." The first meaning has been plainly evident over the past nine months. The peace part may take months—or years—to reveal itself. Over these nine months, we've enjoyed the process of preparing a baby room. The focal point Read More

Collaboration: Take a Hand

Collaboration: How artists can work together as equals
With this post we reach the end of my series on collaboration. You'll notice a major theme of these articles has been leadership: With Take a Lead we looked at a single leader driving a collaboration with any other participants following their lead. With Take a Seat we looked at the leader starting a project then completely handing it off to another artist. With Take a Role we looked at co-leadership, but with each person taking charge of completely different aspects of the project. With Read More

Collaboration: Take a Village

Collaboration: How to make it work with a group of participants
In 2011 my wife and I attended a conference on the topic of art and faith at Union University in Franklin, Tennessee. I can't say enough about how well executed and helpful this conference was. And while there were plenty of general concepts and ideas presented, David Taylor gave a very practical example of collaboration that has stuck with me. David is the editor of For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts, which I highly recommend reading. He was also a pastor in Austin, Texas Read More

Collaboration: Take a Role

Collaboration: Working as equals on separate tasks
In this series on collaboration we've been sneaking up on the idea of full collaboration. We've looked at scenarios that lean that direction and help prepare us for fully embracing a collaborative experience. And in this article we'll take one more step as we look at two or more artists collaborating with equal leadership but with separate roles. Let's take a quick look at three case studies. Case Study 1: In early 2013 I collaborated with Josh Davis, who is a singer, songwriter, and the president Read More

Collaboration: Take a Seat

Collaboration: Recognize others' talents and step away!
For an artist who uses wood as a primarily ingredient, you may expect I have a nice array of woodworking tools. I don't. How I long for the day when I have a simple table saw! But this is normally not a problem. The amount of money and the quality of tools available to an artist play a role in determining what can be created. These things are taken into account. In my situation, I realize I have some major restrictions in what I can execute with quality. This provides another opportunity for creativity. That Read More

Collaboration: Take a Lead

Collaboration: Easiest when there is a single leader
Over the years I've participated in, and helped plan, a number of creative collaborations. And I've learned that the best way to experiment with collaboration is to keep it simple. I'm a juggler. Half the fun comes in juggling with other people. This usually happens in the form of club passing. After months (or years) of practice, you will get comfortable enough with your partner that both of you can take the lead on and off and initiate special patterns on the fly. That takes practice. You first Read More

Collaboration in Visual Art

Introducing a series on collaboration in the visual arts
Every time I add wood to the stove I'm reminded of the same thing. For in early attempts to ration my wood use, I added a single log on the smoldering embers with the inevitable result of a cold house. It's not that the energy from a single log couldn't throw off enough heat. It's that the potential heat of that single log is never realized. When I add a second log beside the first, the small fire has something else to feed off of. It finds a path to follow and creates an air current between the Read More