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Starting a Design Business

Tips for Starting a Graphic Design Business
The UPS guy was just here. I now hold in my hands new business cards for Piksl Design. Now in business for over ten years, this is the third iteration of Piksl's cards. When the business celebrated its tenth anniversary, I developed a new Piksl Design logo. And while I integrated the logo into all my online and social media outlets, I held off on printing new letterhead and business cards because honestly, how often do I use letterhead? And in this digital age, do I really need business cards? But Read More

Communicating with Cheese

Tips for effective communication with your clients
For six years I worked at an ad agency. There is so much I miss about those days: the creative collaboration, the fun environment, the health insurance…. Today I'm self employed and run my own design studio. Another big change from my agency days is that I don't have any sales folks acting as middle men between me and the clients. I deal with everybody directly, including the big cheese. The sales people at the agency would regale us with stories of their meetings and calls with clients. Read More