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Color Palettes of Longwood Gardens

Inspiration for color palettes found at Longwood Gardens
On Wednesday my family took our first visit to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. We visited in the dead of winter and had a fabulous time. I can only imagine how grandiose the place is during months of the year that don't include polar vortices. I hear the Christmas season is especially beautiful. Let me also say that every single employee was very nice and warm in their interactions. I was expecting somewhat of a stuffy, "don't touch anything" aura, but that was far from the truth. Let's Read More

Logo Tutorial #5: Black & White

Logo Tutorial #5: Design logos in black and white first
Blueprints have been used by architects, engineers, and many areas of industry since the 19th century. They provide information detailing how a structure or object needs to be assembled. As we usually think of blueprints in terms of houses, let's use that as an analogy as I ask a question. As the architect begins a new home design, does he immediately start picking out carpet and curtain colors? Does he jump right to the shutter style? Does he research what types of ceiling fans are available? Of Read More