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Lovely as a Tree

Last week I had the rare opportunity to sit still in nature for an entire day. It's called hunting, and it's something I rarely make time for these days. I try to go at least once a year, and it's usually during the week after Thanksgiving. That means there's the potential for it to be very cold, but this year the temperature was quite moderate—not the idea condition for hunting, but beautiful for sitting out in the woods. As I sat in my tree stand, I had a sudden urge to climb down and Read More

Sheaf Christmas Tree

How to create a Christmas tree shaped like a sheaf of grain
I had an elaborate plan for this year's Christmas tree, but when I explained it to my wife she wisely talked me out of it. We ended up with a much simpler strategy. And as is often the case, simple turned out to be beautiful. The goal was to imitate a sheaf of wheat. But instead of wheat, we used wood. And so the first step was to hit the woods and gather branches. They need to be fairly straight, of various thicknesses. A slight curve is fine (and will come in handy), but you don't want sharp Read More

Fabric Christmas Tree

How to create a fabric Christmas tree as a DIY project
My wife and I have a number of Christmas traditions that are challenging exercises in creativity. One is creating a fun Christmas card. Another is developing and executing a unique gift-wrapping theme. We also create a hand-made gift for the other person. And finally there's the creation of the Christmas tree. This will be our third year creating a tree. We work on many of these projects together, but occasionally one of us will tackle a project on their own. Last year my wife handled the tree making Read More

Homemade Christmas Tree

How to build a homemade, rustic Christmas tree
I like traditions. In our first year of marriage we were given a free Christmas tree as a gift from the farm where we had our wedding reception. Before setting up the tree I cut a short piece off of the trunk, as is normally recommended. I kept that piece, planning to make a collection of stump pieces from each Christmas. That tradition lasted a total of one year. In our second year of marriage, it was replaced with a new tradition: making our own Christmas tree. Rather than spend thirty to Read More