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No Greater Design

The Bible as the ultimate example of design
Eighty-eight days ago I started reading through the Bible on a 90-day plan. I've stuck with it and am one book away from finishing the entire Bible. I've read through it using yearly plans quite a few times throughout my life, but this is the first I've tried a plan shorter than a year. My expectation was that I'd be reading so much in so little time that it wouldn't sink in and would simply be a "quick review." But that was far from the case. When you're reading fourteen to eighteen chapters Read More

Son of God Movie

Thoughts on how to critique the Son of God movie
Imagine an art gallery atop a mountain. What's the most beautiful thing you could place on that gallery wall? Probably a window. Is anything you or I create going to improve upon God's amazing creation? Can our nature-inspired work improve upon nature? No. I will never create anything as beautiful as a window. So why create? Where is the value in creating something sub par? That's the basic question I'm hearing asked with the recently-released Son of God movie produced by Mark Burnett and Richard Read More