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Periods in Phone Numbers

Should you use periods in phone numbers?
This is one article to which many people will reply, "Who cares?" So let's begin by reviewing the name of this site—"Overthinking Design." Admittedly, this is a small issue that I've put too much thought into. But with design the details matter, and text formatting is often overlooked. So buckle yourself in as we take a close look at…phone numbers! When it comes to designing text there are two main goals. Above all, you want the text to be understood and processed quickly. Second, Read More

Double Spacing After a Period

Should I double space after a period?
Let's keep this brief. No. Never put a double space after a period. Well, almost never. Let's back up. If you were born before the Reagan administration, you may have learned typing on a typewriter (i.e., not a computer). You were taught to put two spaces after a period. And that was correct. A typewriter has only one font, and that font is a monospaced font. That means each character takes up the same horizontal width. So if you typed a series of lines, the characters would line up both horizontally Read More