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Logo Tutorial #6: Single Concept

Logo Tutorial #6: Limit your logo to a single concept
We love to overthink our logos. They're very important, and they do deserve a lot of thought. But we like results. We feel like the amount of thought and time we put into something needs to be apparent when looking at the final product. It's a trap! Overthinking in itself is not bad. The problem is when it leads to trying too hard. Don't be deceived. Creative simplicity is difficult. It takes work to come up with something straightforward and clean that's unique, identifiable, and able to stand Read More

Logo Tutorial #5: Black & White

Logo Tutorial #5: Design logos in black and white first
Blueprints have been used by architects, engineers, and many areas of industry since the 19th century. They provide information detailing how a structure or object needs to be assembled. As we usually think of blueprints in terms of houses, let's use that as an analogy as I ask a question. As the architect begins a new home design, does he immediately start picking out carpet and curtain colors? Does he jump right to the shutter style? Does he research what types of ceiling fans are available? Of Read More

Good Logo Design: U-Gro Case Study

Overthinking logo design using U-Gro's logo as an example
It's a logo that shouldn't work. I spent the past week visiting each of the U-Gro Learning Centres, from Harrisburg to York to Lancaster, and everywhere in between. At each location I provided an hour-long presentation for the kids. There was some juggling, a bit of science, and a lot of clowning around. And everywhere I went, I was faced with this logo. I couldn't help but analyze it. The font weights between characters vary. There are tapered weights within individual characters, sometimes Read More

Faulty Aircraft Design

Flight company logos that didn't quite pan out
It happens. From time to time a project goes down in flames. I've gotten better at sniffing out the jobs that are going to be troublemakers, but sometimes they catch you by surprise. Unfortunately, they're usually ones I put a lot of work and time into. So I decided that rather than relegate the work to the dusty archive bin, why not feature my rejections in all their glorious shortcomings. A few years back I took on the task of developing a logo for a company that offers flight training, charter Read More

Logo Tutorial #4: Be Fontastic!

Fonts are the most important design elements in a logo
Some of the liberties we're allowed in logo design stem from the fact that we're including the company name along with the imagery. The big boys like Nike and Apple can get away with just an icon. Your local heating and cooling business can't. Neither can most of the businesses you'll be working with. And this brings us right to the main point. The text portion of your logo is just as important as the image. Even more, the text is part of the image. The two are inseparable. If you spend days developing Read More

Logo Tutorial #3: Don’t Be Literal

Logo Tutorial #3: Don't be literal when designing logos
What is a logo? In the corporate world it's an image or a mark that represents a company, division, program or product. To keep this tutorial simple, let's focus on the company logo. This logo will be many people's first introduction to your company. We all know first impressions are important. And the weight of that makes people want to explain clearly what their company does—via their logo. That desire makes sense. However, the pursuit of that goal will usually cause you to pass over the Read More

Logo Tutorial #2: Vector Victory

Logo Tutorial #2: Always design using vectors
Let me reiterate that these articles on logo design are targeting those with very little knowledge about logos and especially design. So we're going to look at some basics and answer a common question of beginners: what software program should I use to create a logo? To answer that, let's first look at the two fundamental types of digital images: bitmaps and vectors. The concept of bitmap images is fairly straightforward. Imagine a grid of dots. Each individual dot can be a different color. Now Read More

Logo Tutorial #1: No Photos, Please

Logo Tutorial #1: Never use photos in logos
The world of advertising is an ever-changing and expanding field. One thing that has remained constant is the need for logos. They've been around for millennia, even showing up in the Bible in the form of signet rings. For a concept to last that long, there has to be a universal need that crosses generations, cultures and technologies. This is the first of ten tutorials about logo design. Artist don't like to follow rules, but in the world of design there are some rules that are hard to get around. Read More