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Fabric Christmas Tree

How to create a fabric Christmas tree as a DIY project
My wife and I have a number of Christmas traditions that are challenging exercises in creativity. One is creating a fun Christmas card. Another is developing and executing a unique gift-wrapping theme. We also create a hand-made gift for the other person. And finally there's the creation of the Christmas tree. This will be our third year creating a tree. We work on many of these projects together, but occasionally one of us will tackle a project on their own. Last year my wife handled the tree making Read More

Table Made From Pallets

Table made from pallets
Half a year ago my wife and I celebrated our second anniversary by driving from Pennsylvania to Utah and back. We had plenty of time to talk, dream and plan. And our biggest plan was to totally rework her art studio space. The main piece would be a large table. She is a collage artist and works mainly on flat surfaces rather than easels. But beyond that, she wanted a collaboration space where other artists could work with her side by side. Money was definitely an issue, so I went the pallet wood Read More

Logo Tutorial #2: Vector Victory

Logo Tutorial #2: Always design using vectors
Let me reiterate that these articles on logo design are targeting those with very little knowledge about logos and especially design. So we're going to look at some basics and answer a common question of beginners: what software program should I use to create a logo? To answer that, let's first look at the two fundamental types of digital images: bitmaps and vectors. The concept of bitmap images is fairly straightforward. Imagine a grid of dots. Each individual dot can be a different color. Now Read More

Logo Tutorial #1: No Photos, Please

Logo Tutorial #1: Never use photos in logos
The world of advertising is an ever-changing and expanding field. One thing that has remained constant is the need for logos. They've been around for millennia, even showing up in the Bible in the form of signet rings. For a concept to last that long, there has to be a universal need that crosses generations, cultures and technologies. This is the first of ten tutorials about logo design. Artist don't like to follow rules, but in the world of design there are some rules that are hard to get around. Read More