Juggler Jenny Jaeger

About Jenny Jaeger

Jenny Jaeger was born into a circus family in Russia, and she wasted little time in honing her craft, performing up to ten balls by the age of fifteen. But beyond standard toss juggling she was well known for her feats of balance, sitting on a stool while using toes, head, and hands to balance various items.

Jenny Jaeger design by Joculare

About the Design

This design focuses on Jaeger’s balancing. The letters of her last name take the place of the objects she would typically balance. Those objects usually glimmered and shone, and so the font used for her last name is also on the fancy side and are more detailed than the other elements of the design.

One challenge was positioning the letters so they were both historically true to the positioning of her props and also easy to read. While it’s true you may not immediately process the last name if you are unfamiliar with this juggler, there is really only one way it can be read.

A curtain was used to frame the main subject matter and to accentuate her showmanship. The slightly changing angles of the curtain folds matches the angles of the poles being balanced. They all point slightly in and upwards, thus creating an upward motion which is reinforced by Jaeger’s upward stare.

And as with all designs in this series, integrating the text with the design is paramount. The first name uses a slightly curvy yet chunky font, matching the style of the curtain. And as already mentioned, the letters of the last name take the place of Jaeger’s actual props.

You can purchase this poster or select from many other juggling designs at joculare.com.

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