Prehistoric Lancaster

To quote Chuck Close, “inspiration is for amateurs.”

I’ve been trying to apply this in my artistic endeavors because I am an overplanner. Chuck’s point was that if you sit around and wait for inspiration, you’ll create very little art. And I’m an inspiration waiter. So when I was invited to participate in a local 6×6 exhibit, I was excited not only for the freedom to create anything I wanted, but to try and jump in with both feet and not fall into the trap of overthinking design. (Hey, that’s the name of this site.)

I came up with a silly idea—turning four of the most historic and recognized buildings in Lancaster, Pennsylvania into creatures. I’ve named the series “Prehistoric Lancaster.” And while I still did way more planning than I should have, healthy baby steps were taken.

And I had a blast! These were designed in Adobe Illustrator, printed reversed with a laser printer onto cheap paper, and transfered onto wood panels via acrylic gel medium. It’s a process I’ve been experimenting with. And rather than try to explain each step, I’ll point you to the same tutorial that I used.

These will be for sale at Prince Street Cafe beginning Friday, December 6th, 2013 and continuing through the end of the month.

Oh, and the species names? They’re legit.

Griest Gonatidae

Griest Building

Train Station Trigonotarbida

Train Station

Central Market Cyclodorippoida

Central Market

Old City Hall Osteopygis

Old City Hall

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