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Juggler Pierre Amoros

Joculare poster design of juggler Pierre Amoros
About Pierre Amoros Pierre Amoros performed in the early part of the 20th century along with his famous Amoros family. His acrobatic sisters, Josephine and Heloise, were billed as "Those French Girls." Pierre's aunt, Theresa, married Alfred Werner and the entire clan was billed as the Werner-Amoros Troupe. They played circuses for years, eventually touring the vaudeville circuit in the United States where their act included pantomime and comedic juggling. Pierre was famed for juggling nine billiard Read More

The Art of Juggling

Joculare: The Art of Juggling
About five years ago I developed a plan. As both a professional juggler and an artist, I noticed that the few pieces of juggling-based artwork I came across were either pretty cheesy, pretty lousy, or both. Occasionally someone offers a well-designed t-shirt, but in order to find that you need wade through a sea of rough illustrations, inside jokes, and bad "ball" puns. Jugglers seem to like that kind of stuff and that's fine. But at the same time, I think many would appreciate something beyond Read More