Juggler Sergei Ignatov

Joculare poster design of juggler Sergei Ignatov
About Sergei Ignatov Sergei Ignatov is a childhood hero of mine. When I was a teenager, he was still in his prime. This Russian juggler was known as "The Poet of Juggling," and was solid with numbers, performing 11 rings regularly. About the Design Let's start with the obvious. This poster prominently features Sergei Ignatov's homeland of Russia. In the background is Saint Basil's Cathedral which is in Red Square in Moscow. There are other Russians in this series, but most left the country Read More

Juggler Rudy Horn

Joculare poster design of juggler Rudy Horn
About Rudy Horn Rudy Horn is a German juggler whose most famous segment involves him kicking up a series of teacups and saucers to his head, stacking them as he goes. As a final step he kicks a teaspoon into the top cup. And this all happens while riding a unicycle. But in my mind, an equally impressive talent was his ability to kick a teaspoon into a balance on his forehead. About the Design I created a first version of this poster very quickly. It was simple and clean. But my solution Read More

Juggler Anthony Gatto

Joculare poster design of juggler Anthony Gatto
About Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto (born Anthony Commarota in 1973) was a juggling prodigy who learned to juggle at age five. In a few short years he was making appearances on television. With stepfather Nick Gatto, a long-time vaudeville performer, as his coach, Anthony started performing at age ten. Gatto's name dominates the juggling record books. He owns the records for 7-12 rings, 6-8 clubs, and 7-9 balls. He won the Golden Clown award at the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo in Read More

Hoop Roller William Everhart

Joculare poster design of hoop roller William Everhart
About William Everhart A hoopnologist of hoopnotic hoopnotism—that was the description given to William Everhart of Ohio, often credited with originating hoop rolling. The turn of the century saw him take hoops to artistic and technical heights never before seen. Learning to juggle as a blacksmith and experimenting with wheels at a buggy factory, he soon performed with traveling shows, focusing more and more on his hoops. Dubbed "The Great Everhart," it wasn't long before he was headlining, Read More

Juggler Serge Flash

Joculare poster design of juggler Serge Flash
About Serge Flash Serge Flash (1905-1956), born Serge Fomitcheff, was a Russian-American juggler who performed with many props. After the death of Rastelli, it was said he was the only man in the world who juggled nine balls. But his specialty was stick and ball. In addition to technical proficiency, his flair and showmanship brought down the house. In a popular segment, he would catch balls on his mouth stick thrown by patrons in the balcony. He would perform with stick and ball while on unicycle Read More

Monthly Baby Photos

Last June I wrote a short tutorial on how to make a bad photo look good. The subject matter was a photo I took of my one-month-old baby girl. Since then I'm still using the same cheap camera and still need to do a fair amount of Photoshop work to get a result I'm happy with. Also, my wife and I continued to take a photo of our daughter for each month of her first year. The process included some consistent elements across all months: A baby A mattress with a chevron-patterned sheet A Read More

2015 NBA Finals Logo Battle

The logos of the 2015 NBA Finals battle it out
It's time for another battle of the sports logos. We've already looked at football and hockey. And now that we're in the midst of the NBA Finals, it's time for basketball. The 2015 finalists are the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and their logos could hardly be more different in style. Golden State Warriors Logo We'll start by looking at the logo of the Golden State Warriors. And what we have is a bit of a throwback logo. Their original 1962 logo features an indian Read More

2015 Stanley Cup Logo Battle

The logos of the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals battle it out
This is a post about logo design, with emphasis on the word design. It's fine to have conversations about cultural appropriateness and sensitivity, but that's not the goal of this post. Today I've arranged another logo battle, similar to the one back in February. This one pits the logos of the two remaining contenders for the 2015 Stanley Cup against one another. We're looking at the logos for the Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning. (And as this site caters to artsy fartsy folks, I Read More

Juggler W.C. Fields

Joculare poster design of juggler W.C. Fields
About W.C. Fields Before his fame as an actor, writer and comedian, William Claude Dukenfield (1880-1946), better known as W. C. Fields, started his career as a juggler in Pennsylvania. At age fifteen he began performing in vaudeville acts as a tramp juggler, wearing a fake beard and tattered tuxedo. He later billed himself as "The Eccentric Juggler," quickly finding success at working comedy into the act. Props included tennis balls, canes and hats. Inspired by Jim Harrigan, he also worked with Read More

Juggler Rudy Cardenas

Joculare poster design of juggler Rudy Cardenas
About Rudy Cardenas In 1931, Mexican juggler Rudy Cardenas was born into the Circus Suarez family where he made his first appearance at the age of three. He performed throughout Latin America before going to the United Stated. He toured Paramount theaters throughout the country for five years, after that splitting his time between Vegas and Europe. Rudy was the first to execute a three ball spin—one on a mouth stick—while doing a back rollover. He also performed with billiard pockets, Read More