It was a Friday afternoon earlier this month when I realized I had a free weekend ahead of me. This does not happen very often, so I floated an idea by my wife: what if I did a weekend overhaul of my home office? At that point there was no turning back. Any thought of improving the appearance of our home gets her excited and she insisted it’s something I had to do.

So Saturday morning found me at Lowe’s picking out paint. Kate’s sister was visiting and the two of them were busy with their own activities, so I had no distractions keeping me from my task. Along with a fresh coat of paint, I reorganized the room and eliminated items that were causing clutter. I even bought curtains. The color scheme was two shades of gray, brown and white.

Working within that color scheme, I created a three dimension version of my Piksl Design logo by cutting the main letters out of flooring scraps. I also dedicated one wall to a large folk design piece I created a couple years ago. Followers of this blog will recognize it as Root of Jesse. The colors and style of this large, circular piece matched the room perfectly. Finally I hung five of the juggling-themed design posters I created as part of my Joculare division of Piksl Design.

Admittedly I didn’t quite complete this in two days. I needed an addition two days to finish up some of the details. And there are a few minor additions I would like to make someday. But with our first child about a month away from arrival, I saw my chance to keep this entire project from staying permanently on the “someday list” and jumped at it. Photos are posted below. Let me know what you think!

First view of Piksl Design's redesigned office

Second view of Piksl Design's redesigned office

Third view of Piksl Design's redesigned office

Logo made of wood scraps

Deer head hanging on the wall

Two detail photos of Piksl Design's redesigned space

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